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Habits for the 21st Century

Conventions for the 21st century

We are currently living in an ultramodern era where the way of living our lives changes in every decade. In 21st century children have a lot of work load, they regularly have to compete with deadlines and there’s whole lot of pressure to keep yourself updated with PubG, Instagram trends, challenges etc. Adults may find this routine disenchanting but for adolescent it plays a vital role in their lifestyle. They should try to follow a few patterns that will place their jobs, activities and interests in a focused order.

Early habits last lifetime, it is necessary to inculcate children with rudimentary principles so that they continue to follow them for their whole life span.

We first make habits and then habits make us

Elementary conventions to be followed

  1. Sleep
  2. Table manners
  3. Develop a hobby
  4. Basic manners
  5. Being responsibility with money
  6. Brain Gym Games

Let’s see what these elementary conventions have for us and how much we can gain from it.

1. Sleep

The sleep cycle of the adolescent is quite strange, they are turning themselves into owls. Besides we all know why they are up till late night, that’s because they have few assignments to complete or might just be playing video games but it’s definitely leaves an enormous impact on one’s health. Our mind needs sleep in order to function in a proper order. It is a scientifically proven that children at least require 8 hours of sleep and to an average, children only sleep for 6-7 hours. This difference of even 1 to 2 hours play a crucial role in the development of brain. Maintaining a regular sleep cycle helps our body to settle down and grow in its own manner. We can try to sleep early and even wakeup early to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

2. Table Manners

Table manners are one of the most rudimentary but yet essential conventions. People here in India doesn’t focus much on table manners but that definitely should not be the case. Every child should have the manners of how to eat and interact with their food and should always be grateful for all the food that we have received. Not just at home but these manners are to be followed in restaurants as well. Table manners are one the way where people judge how well behaved the child is. It is considered as a basic impression, so they have to be on point.

3. Develop a hobby

It is a fact that children stop wasting their time on mobile or any other appliances when the develop a habit unless gaming is their only habit. Developing habits makes one understand their strong points, their skills, and it is also possible that they find a career it those habits. Children learn from their elders, so it is important for us as well to take up any habits like drawing, painting etc so that children inculcate then too and grow.

4. Basic Manners

Like we talked about table manners earlier we have to follow basic manners at home too. These basic manners include being polite to anyone who is talking to us either it be older or younger we have to be kind to everyone. Just one thank you or sorry can make someone’s day and you not saying it can break someone’s day too, so we all should have a convention of being grateful to all the things received and are going to receive.

Other manners include like being a good host, respecting a speaker, not interrupting people and always offering water to anyone who is at our doorstep. These manners showcase your personality and humanity at the same time.

5. Being responsible with money

In this extortionate world it almost takes parents to grind themselves to earn money, to provide their loves ones with a suitable lifestyle. It is necessary for children to keep a track on how much they have to spend. They can spend thousands and yet never realize the hard-work behind it. It is essential to show them how to save money and to make them differentiate between needs and wants. Saving money in a piggy bank is also a great start, it too can help them understand the sense of independence.

6. Brain Gym Games

Training brain may feel like an affliction task but it’s just like building a muscle. Few of its overall advantages are like developing memory retention, improving cognitive capacities and improving motor skills. Brain gym games helps you connect and coordinate left and right brain, it is mandatory to maintain a balance between our brains. It helps in the enhancement of our cognitive and creative skills both.

Most importantly brain gym games will gain the most attraction by the adolescent and they will engage themselves in a correct path of growth and glory.


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