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The Future of Online Learning after COVID 19

The beaming future of E-learning

We currently are in an entirely new era of education. Covid-19 has brought elevated differences in our lifestyle which moreover includes education. Like a wise man once said, good education will always pave the way forward in good times and bad times alike, this is such a remarkable quote and we do relate to it now more than ever. Covid-19 is like a tsunami hitting our still marine. The education system in India has been persistent for years now but this pandemic changed it altogether. As we all know life goes on, we have to alter ourselves to the lifestyle that is in front of us. Around 6 to 7 months back we described classrooms as a room in which class of pupils are taught, where they interact with each other and amuse themselves to their fullest, now it’s more likely to be described as a virtual classroom where students engage to their referring materials online. Currently, technology has become the integral part of the education system as a whole. Education is evolving in this sector like never before.

We all are aware of the fact that International universities, commercial colleges and not to forget even schools were forced to cease their offline lectures and conduct all their lectures online. This gave demented boost to frequently heard “Zoom classrooms”. Most of the education agencies all over the world are utilizing Zoom classrooms in their habitual life now.

Education’s purpose is to replace empty minds to open minds.

Highlights of E-learning

  1. Profits that we just can’t ignore.
  2. Old teachers but brand-new tricks.
  3. The glaring future.
  4. The future folks.

Technology has changed the form of education and E-learning has changed student’s perspective about education, let’s see how E-learning is growing rapidly and how it is benefiting us.

1. Benefits that we just can’t ignore.

The future of education is highly based on individual learning and it is evolving day by day with the fortune of technology which is available for us. Learning has never got a headway like this ever before. E-learning was not a mainstream 6-7 months back but not education is completely relied on technology. Many video conference platforms have earned in bulk during this period of lockdown. Platforms like Zoom, Skype and Google classrooms have got a tremendous opportunity to grow during this lockdown.

Now coming to benefits, they definitely have benefited the students because their education did not go on a halt. The cost of setting up something that will direct young minds is nothing compared to the momentum it will generate. Educating someone with knowledge is few of the prestigious things in the world and such companies are giving assistance to education itself. We don’t need an entire setup to start, just computers, laptops and mobile are in need and then you are ready to embrace yourself with this prestige. These platforms allow us to record a class which students can watch whenever they want according to their convenience. Universities all over the world are declaring that this is an opportunity to embrace ourselves and completely utilise the technology which is available for us. It is equally important for the teaching faculty how teachers of today are getting ready for coming future. This gets us to our next highlight which is old teacher but brand- new tricks.

2. Old teachers but brand-new tricks

As we say E-learning is favourable for students it is equally strenuous for teachers to adapt with this entirely new form of education. Teachers all around the globe are having little bit of struggle with this modification. Teachers have to plan everything from their lessons to the way they are going to execute the lessons. It is definitely a brain racking task. Planning and execution is a manual task which cannot be automated by technology. All the teachers who are familiar with digital media and technology won’t find it back-breaking but for others it is quite a laborious task to work on, yet everyone is trying their best to shape and inculcate the current lifestyle.

Although there is lot of enlightenment seen in India, there are few places where citizens are still not familiar with this mode of education. There are few pupils in the backwoods which currently are unaware with the process of E-learning. Research shows that the upcoming decade would be the years where technology and education go hand in hand. People are going to utilise this fortune and will adapt it as a routine. There will be maximum utilization with minimum resources, although the current situation is not the best time for us but the best is yet to come.

3. The glaring future

We all know we are practicing E-learning like never before. We are used to this lifestyle in the shortest span of time. There are millions of Zoom app download all over the world just in 6-7 months, this altogether shows that there is tremendous growth happening for these video conference platforms. It would almost take decades for such an evolution to happen. One of the few mind-blowing things happened because of Coronavirus is that people have started evolving, people have started to think out of the box and have agreed to the fact that evolving is one of the most important principle in mankind.

4. The Future Folks

From year to year, evolution of technology is one of the staggering opportunity that is provided to us. Digital advancement continuous to reshape our worlds and encourages people to form new habits. Technology has reach to a state where onerous formula of mathematics or theories of great physicist are explained effortlessly which makes it so much easier for students to understand. Technology prevails students to visualize theories, formulas, life events in such a manner that it is fixed in their long-term memory. This definitely is helping mind to develop stronger and faster and will continue to do that in future as well. It is an opportunity for us to equip teachers with upcoming tools and strategies of education and technology so that they can educate the young minds in the best way possible because as respected Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the entire world”. Our future lies in the hands of education and we have the ability to ace it.



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