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ScholAR is an experiment based learning platform capable of running highly interactive and immersive 3-D simulations in an advanced virtual lab setting. ScholAR uses state of the art tools to provide Augmented Reality (AR) visualizations with the objective of generating a game-like immersive user experience.

Build scientific reasoning, curiosity and innovate with our truly immersive and interactive 3-D learning platform. Powered by the world’s most powerful real-time development platform UNITY, a fun and exploratory learning experience awaits your child.

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Learn the phygital way!

You might wonder, what is Phygital learning? When you bring together the physical world and the digital world to interact, discover and learn, it’s called a Phygital Learning Experience. Through this process where the positive aspects of the physical experiences are integrated with the opportunities created by technology, we get an experience that engages, entertains and keeps the attention locked for longer periods as compared to Traditional or Just Digital education.

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Teacher Friendly

User interface to explain the most complex concepts in simpler ways with the power of 3-D visualizations.

Immersive And Exploratory

Environment that allows high engagement levels persuading young minds to learn by doing, thereby sparking curiosity and innovation

Personalised Performance Analytics Tool

Helps teachers and parents better understand a child’s learning curve.

Ease Of Use

Eliminates risks by running experiments as many times as needed without any constraints until clarity is achieved.

Rich Content

With access to a vast repository of experiments & videos to choose from and much more!

Instruction Mode

Providing step by step guidance to perform difficult to understand concepts and experiments.

Give your students the power of Virtual lab today

ScholAR is available on our AyeLabz app and works on all major desktop computers and mobile operating devices.