Brain is wider than the sky. Let's play and explore!

With AyeBrains, we can help your child become a better learner!

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Brain is wider than the sky. Let's play and explore!

Over 500 different activities to improve sensory function and brain power

Experiential and exploration based program to enhance the child’s capabilities

Use of left brain adaptive approach and optimum practice format to retain concepts better

Three highlights of the AyeBrains program!​

A wholesome blend of physical & digital learning

Explore learning the Phygital way!

The Phygital is not just a portmanteau - a blend of two words - 'Physical' and 'Digital', it is an amalgam of learnings across virtual and physical spaces! It is about exploring digital learning in physical space. For instance, children learn to recognize sounds and sights through purely online experience, unlock books and videos after they reach a certain physical space and get to interact with virtual animals, historical figures and even science experiments!

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Unlock the whole brain!

Tapping into the whole brain

Unlocking the left brain gives you the ability to think faster and recall all details. Unlocking the right brain gives you the power to explore things beyond the realm of logic. AyeBrains focuses on a phenomenon called "whole brain", by unleashing the full power of both the brain hemispheres. Children with the ability to tap into the whole brain are sensible, caring and brilliant individuals with no limit to their true potential growth.

About Us

Unlock your child's hidden potential!

AyeBrains builds on 16 essential neuro-cognitive skills, sensory acuity, higher order thinking skills and necessary motor skills that can help your child become a better and more efficient learner. Your child not only retains more facts, but even processes them better.

  • Brain gym activities
  • Sensory acuity
  • Cognition activities
  • Language skills
  • Yogic activities
  • Problem solving skills
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